Night Time Skincare Routine

This is my current night time routine, I am constantly changing this, but these are some of my favourites and current products. Most of these products are cheaper items where you can buy most places, however I believe all these are worth the money.

Step 1- Eye makeup remover, I really only use this sometimes when I have been wearing lots of eye makeup. I use the Innoxa Super Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover which works really well and doesn’t irritate the eyes.

Step 2- Makeup wipes- I always remove my makeup with a wipe before I cleanse to get rid of most of the makeup. My favourite brand is the WotNot Natural Organic face wipes, as they remove makeup with ease and are great for my sensitive skin.img_6897wStep 3- I follow up with a cleanser to remove any makeup and clean the face. I use either the Simple moisturising face wash or Neutrogena facial cleanser at the moment.

Step 4- Nivea 3-in-1 cleanser- this is a cleanser, face scrub and mask in one, I use it a few times a week to remove and dirt and to keep skin healthy.img_6888Step 5- Toner- I always tone after cleansing using the Simple Soothing Facial Toner, this is my favourite toner, it helps to clear up my skin quickly and is very soothing and refreshing on the face.

Step 6- I use the Clinique eye cream to reduce the bags, I also love it because it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eye area. This is one of my favourites and I’ve been using it for years.img_1854cStep 7- My final step is moisturiser. My favourite is the Simple Light Moisturiser, this is also great in the mornings underneath my makeup.



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