Tanning Routines and Favourites

Its summer now in Australia which means tanning season, and as I just burn instead of actually tanning, I like to fake tan. (Which is not only quicker and better for your skin). This is my routine for each time I tan, and some tips to help your tan last longer and look better.IMG_7302.JPG

The first thing I do is exfoliate, this will remove any dead skin, leaving your skin a soft better base for your tan and help eliminate  splotchy patches. Make sure you also shave before you tan as it will make your skin smooth and if you shave after you tan it will remove it.

It is important to moisturise all the time, this helps the tan last longer. Make sure to put moisturiser on your elbows, ankles, and hands and areas that may be more dry right before tanning to prevent the self tanner from sticking to these parts and turning much darker than the rest.

I like to use a mit to apply the tan, I find it helps with an even application and much easier to apply. The mit also makes sure you don’t have to scrub of fake tan from your hands after. I usually put on my fake tan on before I go to bed so it has plenty of time to develop, just make sure you wear loose clothes, and give it at least 30 minutes to dry before going to bed or putting on clothes.

I like to use the mousse self tanner as it is easily rubs in and drys just quick enough for you to make sure it’s even. One of my favourites it the Le tan Instant foaming mousse, this was the first ones I ever used, and I still use it to this day. This one has a good colour and doesn’t streak, but it does have quite a strong  scent.

I have also tried some other brands such as Rimmel, Models Prefer, and Model Co, which all worked well, but don’t come close to my favourite tan.

Which brings me to my favourite , the Australis Rapid tan, this is what I am currently using. This gives a good dark colour in one coat, it doesn’t smell, its super easy to rub in and doesn’t streak and has a color guard- which is like the perfect fake tan!IMG_7058.JPG


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